More Opportunities for Cloud Jobs Due to the Great Shift

More Opportunities for Cloud Jobs Due to the Great Shift


January 23, 2020

The use of local servers are outdated, and now there is a larger practice of using cloud servers to host, manage, store and process data on the internet. This practice is known as cloud computing, which has shown increasing value in today’s market.

Organizations Migrate To the Cloud

Data shows that the current internet data is saved on the cloud, and expected to reach 94% in the year 2021. The total market is worth $124.6 Billion, which is expected to grow even further.

As cloud jobs hold a lot more value in the IT world, certified professionals are at more of an advantage. Amazons Web services (AWS) is the leading cloud vendor with a whopping 32% share.

Cloud jobs

They are one of the major employers for cloud computing jobs that hold a lot of promise for the skilled labor market.

The median salary for cloud jobs is $146, 350 in 2018 alone. The market has a lot of potential with more than 50,248 job positions available in just the United States.

Platforms for Cloud Jobs

Azure is one of the platforms from Microsoft, It provides IT, professionals, with building, testing, and managing different applications. Trained professionals can learn to operate on such platforms that expand their skill set.

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Similarly, AWS provides database storage and computing power for internet transactions. It is a leading contender in feasible platforms when shifting to the cloud.

Google cloud is also a similar platform, created by Google. It offers professionals analytical data, Data management, security, artificial intelligence, and application modernization. It has the same infrastructure as YouTube and Google search.

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Trained and certified professionals should know their way around these basic platforms that offer a lot of premium features, as well as easier data processing for the internet.